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We Travel We Surf

The first Italian blog about surfers' trips, written by surfers.

We travel, we surf

A collection of surfer stories around the world. A space dedicated to all those who love the world of surfing, but also to those who would like to approach this lifestyle for the first time and would like to learn more. A free page where you can share and read tales of travel, experiences, tips, waves, places, countries, trying to satisfy every curiosity and dissolve every doubt.

We Travel We Surf was born in 2013, and its contents are linked to the word "we", so small but so meaningful at the same time. That particular journey, that wave, that surf trip, are all experiences that belong to us and we learn from them a lesson for life.

What we want to communicate to surfers like us, or simply to people who want to get closer to this beautiful world, is the importance of practicing surfing with passion and respect, and of sharing it with others in all its facets. We believe that in life, everything that is beautiful and special is such because it is shared.

Where I've been


The Numbers

  • 46 Broken surfboards
  • 9 Spoken languages
  • 5 K New friends
  • 823 L of water in the nose
  • 6 K Km walked barefoot on the reef